Image Manipulation

Photo Restoration

Image Manipulation

Background Enhancement

Simulated Paintings


  • Towering Tim Towering Tim Bigger than life
  • 5th Beatle 5th Beatle Friend Pete added to make the Fab Five
  • Advertising Advertising Put your product in any setting
  • Instrument Composite in Space Instrument Composite in Space Instruments in my studio digitally manipulated for KBCO Cover
  • Ice and Desert Warrior Ice and Desert Warrior Model photography used to create fantasy characters
  • Faithful Fairy Faithful Fairy Model (Faith) shot and enhanced to create fantasy character
  • Sharon Spears promo Sharon Spears promo Photography digitally altered for CD project
  • Sharon Spears CD Cover Sharon Spears CD Cover Photography and Artwork used for CD Cover
  • Me and Angelina Jolie Me and Angelina Jolie Picture of me in Germany (Angelina added digitally of course!)
  • Dinner with Adriana LIma Dinner with Adriana LIma My favorite supermodel
  • As if As if You too can have your picture taken with any celebrity you'd like!