This is my tribute page

celebrating the life

of my dear friend Linda


(the pictures are in no chronological order)


At the NAB convention in Las Vegas


Our trip to Mexico:

This picture really deserves and explanation. We all took a ride on some donkeys for a tour.

One of the male donkeys decided he liked the one Linda was riding and mounted her donkey

with his hoofs over Linda's shoulders. Catherine and Linda are reenacting the sequence of events.

She was eventually saved by a young boy (we were all laughing too hard to do anything!)

I've never laughed so hard in my life.


Everyone in our hotel seemed to be from Colorado and it turned into a big party

It's easy to get dehydrated when you're working so hard at having fun

At the end of this tour we were all "well hydrated". Linda ended up trying to make it

down the ladder at the rear of the boat, lost her grip, slid down the ladder, planted her feet

and did the most beautifull dive off the end of the boat into the water you've ever seen!

We all gave her a 10 - for the dive and for the amazing bruises on her derrier from the ladder.

(No I did not get a picture . . .)


Various Parties . . .

Linda and Diane's Leopaloosa party

(yes they're naked)


Just a few of the treasured moments we've shared!  Lots of love Linda!

We'll all miss you . . .