Anne Caver

My sister Annie was an amazing artist. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate too many examples of her wonderful art, but her bouyant personality was a work of art in itself . . .

Born Aug. 19, 1952, in Dallas, Texas, Ann attended North Texas State University, where she studied art in 1971. She relocated to Maine in the mid-1980s.

Ann was a well known artist in the Seacoast area. Her work is displayed in local business establishments such as The York Harbor Inn, Latitudes at Wentworth By The Sea, and Anthony Alberto's in Portsmouth. She was accomplished in various media formats such as metal, etched glass, oil and watercolor.

Here's a few pictures that I do have of her, her artwork and some pictures she sent me of places she lived.

One of my favorite paintings of Annie's



Brother John with sister Annie

She loved to kayak!!

Annie's dog EC